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            1. Contact us

            Wenzhou first machinery co., LTD
            Contact: cold manager ding manager
            Mobile: 13566270801 18162220220
            Q Q: 75020863
            Telephone: 0577-86737528
            Fax: 0577-86733220
            Email address: lengxueyong@126.com
            Website: www.bloggersaid.com 

            Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City

            The current position:Home》Products》Automatic covering film, sealing and cutting machine

            Automatic covering film, sealing and cutting machine

            Product introduction:1, QSJ - 5040 - a type of packaging machine through the introduction of foreign advanced technology and independent research and development characteristics of packaging function, perfect the machine is suitable for glass bottle, beverage cans, mineral water, beer, medicines for kinds of products such as no tap (or tap) heat shrinkable packaging after packaging products have very good beautiful sex;2, if used together with constant temperature contraction PE furnace, can make the effect of the whole image of the perfect packaging of goods, welcome to provide the products of our company can send the sample of the sample after packaging.3, this equipment adopts the most advanced set of big screen touch screen man-machine interface, feel the power of science and technology, adopts omron PLC program controller, and the best, a kind of cylinder and other important components are famous brands at home and abroad, effective guarantee the machine running performance, believe in the power of the brand.4, the machine USES power feeling type proximity switch control from top to bottom, which can effectively prevent the mistake packing materials, at the same time also has to ensure the safety of operation of the (hot air circulation system from top to bottom, to ensure that the one-time achieve perfect packaging effect, is the enterprise of choice for packaging.)5, using the best quality of omron ac contactor and high-power solid-state adjustment perfect combination, with intelligent instruments, make the system more stable temperature, greatly extend the service life of the machine, help enterprises to save money.6. Pause with contraction, circulate in general configuration BSE - 6040 shrinkage machine.
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            Contact: cold manager, manager    Phone: 13566270801, 18162220220, 15325089557, Fax: 0577-86733220   

            Telephone: 0577-86737528      Email: lengxueyong@126.com    Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City


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