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            1. Contact us

            Wenzhou first machinery co., LTD
            Contact: cold manager ding manager
            Mobile: 13566270801 18162220220
            Q Q: 75020863
            Telephone: 0577-86737528
            Fax: 0577-86733220
            Email address: lengxueyong@126.com
            Website: www.bloggersaid.com 

            Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City

            The current position:Home》Products》L manual sealing and cutting machine

            L manual sealing and cutting machine

            Product description:FQL series semi-automatic "L" type sealing and cutting machine, the product after sealing and cutting automatically by the conveyor belt to shrinkage furnace, shrink packaging, with shrinking stove, greatly improve the machine production.Technical features:1, against overheating and sealing knife cut protection device.Nano fiber 2, sealing groove, antisticking heat-resistant nickel-chromium alloy seal cutting knife, sealing and tidy no crack, no coking.3, hand shake wheel is easy to adjust conveyor belt.4, sealing and cutting time by time relay precise control.5, double electromagnet suction box sealing and cutting, make the seal more firmly.6, sliding type membrane bracket can be placed all kinds of shrinkable film (the width of up to 550 mm).Scope of application:1, FQL series semi-automatic "L" type sealing and cutting machine is suitable for plastic, software, electronics, hardware, food, printing, pharmaceutical and floor, ceramic industries such as small batch contraction packaging.2, suitable for all kinds of shrinkable packaging material such as PVC, POF, PP.

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            Contact: cold manager, manager    Phone: 13566270801, 18162220220, 15325089557, Fax: 0577-86733220   

            Telephone: 0577-86737528      Email: lengxueyong@126.com    Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City


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