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          1. 溫州首創機械有限公司
            1. Contact us

            Wenzhou first machinery co., LTD
            Contact: cold manager ding manager
            Mobile: 13566270801 18162220220
            Q Q: 75020863
            Telephone: 0577-86737528
            Fax: 0577-86733220
            Email address: lengxueyong@126.com
            Website: www.bloggersaid.com 

            Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City

            The current position:Home 》About us

            Wenzhou shouchuang Machinery Co., Ltd. Is a new type of packaging equipment companies, mainly in an automated packing, light packaging machinery is given priority to, after period of packaging production line with many years of specializing in product design experience, is a L sealing and cutting machine, beverage sleeve type covering film, sealing and cutting machine, shrink machine, sealing machine, vacuum packing machine, folding machine, printer, packing machine, large bag automatic packaging machine, sealing machine and sealing automation packaging production line, etc. Series of products of the company, my company to formulate and have packaging equipment project experience and perfect after-sales service system, lay the foundations for the equipment sales. Our company adhering to the customer is god principle, adhere to create their own packaging brand.

            Capital company headquarters is located in wenzhou this manufacturing treasure, beautiful environment, convenient transportation, in food, clothing, medicine, chemical industry, hardware, ceramics and other industries to establish a solid foundation, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with peers, do for the sake of customers, for customers worry. The company will take a long-term view, integrity and responsible conduct, the concept of common growth, the development of the company's cause and the company's related harmonious development, by users, employees, shareholders, partners to strongly support; At the same time, our company attaches great importance to the interests of employees and stimulates their potential.





            Contact: cold manager, manager    Phone: 13566270801, 18162220220, 15325089557, Fax: 0577-86733220   

            Telephone: 0577-86737528      Email: lengxueyong@126.com    Address: No. 26, Huating Road, Dongfang Village, Panqiao Town, Ouhai District, Wenzhou City


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